What works with a loan saving energy?



Do you want to know what is possible to finance with an eco energy loan ?A company explains in detail the various uses of this credit solution.

It is well known: the older the houses are, the higher the energy bill. If the windows are poorly insulated, they let in the cold air and the boiler is running at full speed!

To reduce consumption and gain comfort, the parade is to perform energy saving work that will improve the performance of housing. A company is proposing an eco-renovation loan at favorable rates for budgets ranging from € 5,000 to € 75,000.

You do not know what energy work to consider? Here are the four main types of work possible, all eligible for the Queen of Hearts Energy Saving Loan:

  • insulation
  • Heating
  • Maintaining freshness in case of strong heat
  • Domestic hot water

Insulation work

Insulation work

Here are some insulation works you could do to improve your comfort:

  • isolate the walls;
  • isolate the roof;
  • isolate low floors;
  • insulate windows and patio doors
  • insulate entrance doors to the outside;
  • install insulation shutters;
  • replace the windows .

The work of replacing the heating system

The cost of heating depends a lot on the type of energy used. It is possible to save money by replacing the heat production system. You could then opt for one of the following solutions:

  • install a wood boiler;
  • install a heat pump;
  • install solar panels;
  • install a condensing gas boiler;
  • connect to a heat network;
  • change the electric heaters;
  • install a gas micro-CHP boiler.

Works to maintain freshness in case of strong heat

In summer, the power consumption can fly to cool the house … Here are some ways:

  • install sunscreens on windows;
  • replace the air conditioner;
  • landscaping (planting trees);
  • Use a ceiling fan.

Work to produce domestic hot water at a lower cost

Domestic hot water production lasts all year round. It is a constant expense item that energy saving works can bring down. For example :

  • change electric balloon;
  • install solar panels ;
  • install a solar thermal water heater (with solar panels);
  • install a thermodynamic water heater;
  • put a wood boiler;
  • install a gas condensing boiler;
  • install a gas micro-CHP boiler;
  • adopt a hybrid boiler.

These suggestions are not exhaustive and present the most common ways of saving energy. Are you inspired?
Benefit also from pension funds or local grants , if you are eligible.